Based out of Brevard County. Fishing is held within everything between Mosquito Lagoon and Sebastian Inlet from the Indian river flats to the beaches out of port Canaveral.


Fly/Spinning rods and reels are provided. 

Flies are hand-tied by the Guide.

Species consist of Redfish, Black Drum, Snook, Tarpon and Trout.

Southern Waters was founded off one of the purest forms of fishing; sight fishing. a fishery that appreciates the true art of watching a fish eat. It is one that exists only through the confines of a guide and an angler, a mutual relationship where the angler is positioned by the guide to make the right presentation to the fish. The success of catching the fish does not lie at the hand of one individual or the other, it is achieved only by the two working together. This relationship is what Southern Waters strives to achieve with its clients, it is truly an awesome experience.