This Whole Corona Thing and Trusting in God

As a small business owner I have already felt the direct hit this epidemic will have on the economy. In the upcoming month I have lost thousands of dollars in cancellations and potentially more considering the last minute bookings that will not come. What do we do, how do we react? While it is undoubtedly true that this whole corona things sucks, fortunately I can hand the whole thing over to God and trust that it is in His hands. This reaction may sound too simplistic, easy, and in some ways rather lazy but it is actually one of the tougher ways to react to the whole situation. The easiest reaction and possibly the most natural would be to freak out, fall in to the trap of the media by growing anxious, only left with the concern of filling my pantry with toilet paper. I fight that urge of the world's emotions and find peace in God's love, trusting in His plan and His power. The Bible says faith will not be easy so why does it become a surprise when faith is hard during tough times. Meanwhile, I will spend time quarantining myself in the Mosquito Lagoon and in the turkey woods listening for the springtime longbeards.

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