The "Huge Fish" Cliche

Certain fishing moments are glued into your memory. Sometimes it is just the scenery that consumes that lifelong cognitive space or maybe a particular "soul searching" day where you weathered storms and caught that one fish that made it all worth it. Then there are undoubtedly the days where it is just that one fish. The one huge fish that really amazes you. Perhaps it is the most cliche fishing memory of all but cliches are true. Everyone who is an avid fisherman can testify to that one huge fish they caught that really captures the eye. You know its "that fish" when it gets close and you have a hard time perceiving the proportions of its body parts. The eye is huge, the gill plates are huge, the tail moves a wake the size of the boat, its scales are half the size of your hand. I think its more than the actual size of the fish that moves you, its all the little things that are just so much bigger than normal that really fascinate you. Tarpon do this to people, marlin do this to people and I can tell you that redfish do this to people as well. Just holding this thing was really amazing, looking down and realizing the head was as big as my body. Pictures obviously won't ever do a moment like that justice but I am sure glad they don't because I don't think they would be as special and unique to the individual. Take the time and appreciate these moments.

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