New Perspectives

When someone fishes the same body of water over and over for multiple years they tend to take for granted the aspects of a fishery. Don't get me wrong, I love my Indian river lagoon and mosquito lagoon but I have definitely grown less fascinated by the excitement of scenery and what I am going to see. For a guide who loves the water this sounds disappointing and rather weakly passionate but those who say otherwise are probably lying. One of the most exciting parts of being a guide is exploring new areas. The reason its most exciting is because its new, its stuff we haven't seen before. We may or may not catch fish in these areas but its worth it simply because its new territory. I once had a client ask me if I only take people to fish "my go to" flats and while though I have flats that I repetitiously go to I also make a point to visit new areas just about every trip. In this picture we are in Costa Rica, an area new to me, on a vessel new to me, with a fishery new to me, in a setting new to me. The captain of the panga acted as every experienced captain; unsurprised by the natural phenomena happening around him. Spoiled or ungrateful captains may be, its a habit that can't be broken. Though skyscraper mountains bordering 200ft ledges may be new to me, this captain has seen the same thing many times for numerous years. Its no different than a mosquito lagoon guide unexcited by a grass flat he's fished 150 times in the last year. It urges me to think back when I first started fishing mosquito lagoon as a child and the new excitement that came with it.

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