Mark From Illinois

Though the red in this photo may not be especially big or the picture be especially impressive, it was a photo of an especially cool moment. This was Mark's first sight fished red and red in the mosquito lagoon. A red caught in mosquito lagoon is like a tarpon caught down in whitewater bay or a permit caught off the flats of Biscayne bay. It is unique to its staple. It is unique to its fishery. Two fish cruised the the bank of a sandy flat in mosquito, both fish dark red as they searched for a meal. I pointed out the fish to mark, letting him know that there were two reds coming down the shoreline. A couple miscasts to start but Mark eventually focused down on the trailing red and presented the bait perfectly in front of it. The fish didn't think twice and jumped on the bait. Best of all it was in front of our own eyes.

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