Half Day Trip With Kenneth

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Today I had the pleasure of taking Ken out on a half day trip in the mosquito lagoon. Ken put some pretty good shots on fish but they were finicky. After searching for an hour we were able to get shots on tailing fish in some tight bays (the grass has started to grow back pretty thick). The fish were happy but not overly fired up, rather than hard tailing we would find fish that were just milling around, tailing for a few seconds and moving to a new spot. Once the sun came up we moved on to some sandy banks to get shots at belly crawlers and had a few decent looks but the scattered clouds really helped our disadvantage. Bait was still thick throughout most of the lagoon which was good to see and water was pretty clear. These early morning west winds have been messing with the east side a little but it is still manageable.

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