3 Reds in the Bottom of the Ninth

During my half day trip with Rick we searched throughout the entire lagoon all morning to only spot 3 or 4 fish. With time running out on the day I told Rick that we could stay out a little extra to check one more spot on the way in. Fingers crossed I crawled up on the poling platform, scanning the distant waters in search of a tail or wakes or something promising. When you go a whole day without finding many fish, as a guide you feel a sense of guilt or disappointment in yourself. It is one thing when you find a lot fish but don't catch many, but it is another when you just can't find any at all. And trust me when I say if it hasn't happened to you as a fisherman, it will... After scanning for a few minutes I saw a bust, more aggressive than the ever so present mullet just a couple hundred yards away. I watched the area closely with a sense of hope for a few more minutes and saw another. I pointed the skiff in its direction and shoved us along. At a hundreds yards out from the bust that sense of guilt vanished as a few tails slowly raised above the water's surface. Once we got closer the shadow of 60 redfish revealed themselves and Rick got his eyes on the school. First cast he plucked this beautiful red. While I pushed off the school Rick fought the fish and boated it. We continued this three more times until we decided to head to the ramp. Sometimes that last spot pays off and when it does it feels oh so good.

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